Centre for British Politics and Government event – After the Defeat: Lessons from history for Labour? – Weds 18 March

On Wednesday 18 March, the Centre for British Politics and Government, in conjunction with the IHR Contemporary British History Seminar, is hosting ‘After the Defeat: Lessons from History for Labour?’. The event will take place in Bush House Lecture Theatre One (S)1.01 from 4 to 6pm.

In this event a panel of historians – including Professor Andrew Thorpe – will reflect on how the Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties have responded to previous heavy electoral defeats. They will also seek to determine what, if any, lessons the current Labour Party – on the back of winning its fewest number of seats in Parliament since 1935 – can learn from these.

Three speakers will provide papers on the response of each of the main parties to a particular election defeat:

  • Dr Iain Sharpe will discuss the Liberal Party’s experiences at the turn of the 20th century and the influence of Herbert Gladstone in securing its return to power at the 1906 election
  • Professor Andrew Thorpe (Leeds) will discuss Labour’s response to its defeat in 1935
  • Dr Michael Kandiah (KCL) will discuss the Conservative Party and how it dealt with losing power in the 1945 general election

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