Contemporary British History MA

Our MA in Contemporary British History offers you the chance to study twentieth-century British history at an advanced level in an outstanding research environment, located in central London. You can choose from a breadth of options taught by well-known experts in the field. Our course is wide-ranging and includes British economic, social, cultural, political, military, imperial, and diplomatic history, as well as the history of British science, technology and medicine.

For more information about the MA, contact Professor David Edgerton at or visit our website.


Doctoral Study

There are many opportunities for doctoral study in Contemporary and Modern British History at King’s. There are multiple supervisors with a wide range of expertise. For more information, contact Kit Kowol [] or visit our website.


Provisional List of Current PhDs (more to come!):

Amelia Allsop, ‘A Borrowed Place: Jewish Refugees in Hong Kong, 1938 – 1953’

Mads Bomholt-Nielsen, ‘‘As Bad as the Congo’? – British Perceptions of Colonial Rule and Violence in Anglo-German Southern Africa, 1896-1918′

Thomas Bottelier, ”For the Future Peace of the World’: The International Organisation of the Second World War, 1935-1945′

Michelle Clement, ‘Reforming Britain’s Public Services: An Analysis of Sir Michael Barber’s Tenure of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, 2001-2005’

Pete Docking, ‘The role of constitutional conferences and commissions in the decolonisation of British imperial Africa 1960-1964’

George Evans, ‘British Militarism in Ireland’

Jacob Fairless Nicholson, ‘Learning anti-racism: a cultural historical geography of anti-racist education in London, 1960-1990’

Richard Farrimond, ‘Birdie – ‘Soul of Anzac’: The Military and Public Career of Field Marshal Lord Birdwood’

John Griffith-Jones, ‘Postal Services under Colonial Rule: A Case Study of East Africa, 1875-1963’

Esther Harper, ‘Racehorse training, nutrition, management and health in England between 1880 and 1920’

Andrew Harrison, ‘British foreign policy and Yugoslavia in a time of detente and non-alignment, 1968-1980’

Tom Hurst, ‘The Speechmaking of Margaret Thatcher, 1979-1990’

John Ingram, ‘‘No Haussmanns or Emperors Here’:
Reforming the Anglo-American City in Philadelphia and London’

Tom Kelsey, ‘The Power of White Elephants in British Politics: A case-study of Concorde and the nuclear power industry’

Naomi Lloyd-Jones, ‘Deconstructing Westminster: a four nations history of the Irish Home Rule crisis, c.1886-93’

Barnaby Moores, ‘Solidarity, mobilisation, and initiative: the causes and conduct of the 1972 miners’ strike’

Brian O’Keeffe, ‘”Frontier Encounters”: Class, Gender and Youth Work in East London, 1918-1984’

Mitya Pearson, ‘The Formation and Development of the Green Party, 1973-1979’

Rosemary Rich, ‘Conscientious Objection in the Second World War’

James W.E. Smith, ‘The Influence of Naval Thinking and Maritime Strategy in Britain post 1964’

Ted Young, ‘A comparative study of the quantity production of air-cooled radial aircraft engines in Britain and the United States during World War II’


List of Recent PhDs:

Kim Brice O’Donnell, ‘The use of dogs by the British armed forces and civil defence in the Second World War’

Peter Brooke, ‘Duncan Sandys and decolonisation’

Julie Hipperson, ‘Veterinary training and work from a female perspective, c.1919-2000’

Michael Humphries, ‘The politics and patriotism of Reginald Brett, 2nd viscount Esher (1852-1930)’

Thomas Leahy, ‘Agents of influence? Reassessing the influence of informers and agents on Provisional I.R.A. military strategy and British counter-insurgency strategy, 1969-98’

Anna Maguire, ‘First World War: The Experience of Troops from New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies’

Margaret Scull, ‘Religion from Rome, Politics from Home? The Catholic Church and the Northern Irish Troubles, 1968-94’

Ben Taylor, ‘A history of the development of the British techno-surveillance state in the context of British policing, 1950-2000’

The Study of Contemporary British History at King's College London