New collaborations advance Sir Michael Howard Centre

Two well-established research centres within the School of Security Studies have joined forces, bringing together the largest community of historians of war in the world.

Leading scholars from the Research Centre for the History of Conflict (RCHC) and the Sir Michael Howard Centre for the History of War (SMHC) will collaborate on multi-disciplinary research projects, publications and offer a wide remit of expertise for doctoral supervision. The joining of these research groups will foster multiple perspectives and exposure, generating new ideas research projects that will impact the wider research community.

The Centre is headed up by David Edgerton, Joe Maiolo, Christina Goulter and Jonathan Fennell and will be launched at an upcoming conference ‘War in Historical and Contemporary Perspective’, on the Strand on 5 June.

This event will comprise three main themes: the study of war within the broader discipline of history, the place of historical study within War Studies, and how the people who study the history of war shape the discipline. By investigating case studies from the Eighteenth to the Twenty-first century using a diverse range of methodological approaches, the event aims to foster an open dialogue about:

  • How scholars have studied and written about the history of conflict in the past
  • Current developments in the field
  • How we might promote innovative approaches and methodologies
  • Inter and intra disciplinary collaboration in the study of war

The event aims to take a first step towards a new way of thinking about the history of conflict, and the role its study can play in the modern world. Sign up here.

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