The study of Contemporary British History goes back to the 1960s, and was consolidated with the establishment of the Institute of Contemporary British History in 1985 by (Sir) Anthony Seldon and (Lord) Peter Hennessy. The Institute moved to King’s College London in 2010, and the new King’s Contemporary British History builds on this by creating a larger and more diverse enterprise, building on that distinguished tradition.


Dr Andrew Blick works on British constitutional history. As Director of History & Policy, he has a wealth of experience and contacts with external partners, including think-tanks, reform groups, and
government departments.
Dr Ruth Craggs is a Lecturer in Cultural and Historical Geography. Her new research focuses on the impact of decolonisation on post-war British urban planning.
Prof David Edgerton works on modern Britain, ranging from military history to the history of science and technology. He is a co-Director of the Sir Michael Howard Centre for the History of War (with Prof
Joe Maiolo). He is currently completing a new history of twentieth-century Britain for Penguin.

Dr Christiana Goulter is a Senior Lecturer in the Defence Studies Department. She is Air Power Academic, Higher Command and Staff Course. Her latest book deals with British intervention in the second round of the Greek Civil War, examining COIN operations and urban Close Air Support.

Dr Aimée Fox is a Lecturer in Defence Studies. Her primary research interests focus on the British Army of the First World War, particularly its experiences in the ‘sideshow’ theatres. More broadly, she is interested in military administration, including planning and logistics, and military innovation. Dr Fox has published on the British Army’s experience of learning in the First World War. She published her first monograph Learning to Fight: Military Innovation and Change in the British Army, 1914-1918 with Cambridge University Press.

Dr Alana Harris joined the department in 2015, having spent six years in Oxford as the Darby Fellow in History at Lincoln College and before that as a British Academy Research Development Award post-doctoral researcher. She published Faith in the Family: A Lived Religious History of English Catholicism, 1945-82 with Manchester University Press in 2013.

Dr George Legg is a Lecturer in Liberal Arts and London. George’s interdisciplinary research explores the conjoined cultural, spatial, national and political aesthetics of contemporary capitalism. George’s monograph, Northern Ireland and the politics of boredom: conflict, capital and culture, is forthcoming from Manchester University Press.

Prof Joe Maiolo works on the military history of modern Britain, particularly strategy, naval warfare, and intelligence.
Professor Richard Vinen is a historian of modern Europe with particular expertise on Britain and France, having recently published books on Margaret Thatcher and National Service.
Prof Patrick Wright FBA has with a breadth of interests ranging across politics, heritage, national cultures, and the physical and material environment. He also has expertise on London’s East End and has worked in collaboration with filmmakers in his research.

The Study of Contemporary British History at King's College London