King’s Contemporary British History

King’s College London is delighted to announce an important new venture in Contemporary British History. King’s Contemporary British History is a cross-departmental and cross-Faculty research initiative, which brings together existing expertise in twentieth-century British history from across King’s College London. It draws together the extraordinary strengths in the subject found mainly in the departments of History, War Studies, Defence Studies, Geography, Political Economy and English. King’s has around 50 Professors, Readers, Senior Lecturers and Lecturers in the field of modern and contemporary British history.

We have recently been awarded funding from the King’s Together allowing us to run workshops (for King’s staff) and a ‘launch’ conference in the spring and summer of 2017, and much else besides.

Our goal is to develop more flexible, dynamic and holistic modes of analyzing contemporary British society that will have genuine public relevance both at a policy and popular level. In this historical argument and understanding has been, and will continue to be central. The Brexit vote was a clear example of how very particular historical images of the nation in the world were mobilised. King’s Contemporary British History will make a distinctive contribution to current discussions, taking a lead in refashioning what we understand British national history to be, not least by bringing together historical work of many different kinds.

King’s has a uniquely diverse wealth of existing expertise across diverse domains in the study of contemporary Britain. Our strengths include military history, science, technology, and medicine, heritage studies, imperial history, politics, religion, and gender studies. The aim of KCBH is to make these great strengths visible, support and develop new research initiatives and postgraduate training in all aspects of modern and contemporary British history. We will work with History & Policy, Historians in Residence, and the Strand Group.

The Study of Contemporary British History at King's College London